Our History

FloraCraft was founded in 1946 as the Foliage Company of America in Ludington, Michigan. The company preserved, dyed, and painted Michigan natural foliages for sale to florists.

At the same time, another Michigan based company, the Dow Chemical Company, developed STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam.

Together, they discovered that the unique properties of STYROFOAM* had valuable uses in floral arrangements. Foliage Company of America began to fabricate items from STYROFOAM* for sale to florists.

Then crafters discovered the multiple uses of genuine STYROFOAM* Brand Foam, and STYROFOAM* has been a part of a craft store’s staple inventory ever since.

Since then, Foliage Company of America has grown to become FloraCraft Corporation. It remains a family-owned company, and is now the world’s largest fabricator of STYROFOAM* Brand Foam for the floral and craft industry.

Operating from its headquarters in Ludington, Michigan, FloraCraft also has facilities in California with approximately 260 employees.

Multiple locations and current customer service capabilities, including a state-of-the-art supply chain technology, allows FloraCraft to be a major global trading partner. These strengths also ensure the continued offerings of products, education, and inspiration to compliment the current and future needs of our crafters and florists with traditional & new shapes in all foams, wet and dry foams, specialty foams, straw, glues, floral accessories, and specialty products.

®™STYROFOAM Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company