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FloraCraft ‘Gift Announcement’ Receives Public Relations Award

For its execution of announcing a monumental gift to its employees, FloraCraft® and its communication partner Sabo PR won a gold award from the West Michigan Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. In December 2018, FloraCraft Chairman Lee Schoenherr surprised the manufacturer’s 200 employees by announcing he would give nearly $4 million as […]


Natural Straw and Spanish Moss are perfect for indoor or outdoor home décor. Both are biodegradable, which is great for the environment and are on trend with natural, farmhouse-chic décor. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes Natural, sun-baked, golden straw color Earth-friendly, biodegradable

Twine Wrapped Vase

Wrap carpet tape all around bottom of glass vase, but do not remove release paper. Similarly, add a middle row and top row of tape, making sure that entire outside of vase is covered with tape, leaving release paper in place. (Note: Use scissors to trim as needed so that tape doesn’t overlap release paper.) […]

Pomegranate Fall Decor

Place foam half ball, centered in bowl with round side up. Hot glue edges of half ball to (inside) sides of bowl.  Use floral shears to cut apart pepperoma bush parts (cattails, feathers, greens). Leave front of ball half undecorated for now and work on back half of ball. Starting at top center, insert two […]

Fall Floral Sconces

Use Foam Cutter to cut Foam Ball in half. Set both halves, cut side down, in a well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area (inside box). Spray Ball halves with spray adhesive. Remove from box and cover with Spanish Moss. Apply hot glue to top of rim on each candle sconce and set cut side of Ball half into […]

Eggshell Chicks

Use scissors to cut out chick pattern. Before removing plastic from Foam Block, trace pattern onto plastic using fine line marker, three times. Use craft knife to press through plastic, going along marker lines to impress Foam. Remove plastic and use Foam Cutter to cut out chicks. Use coping saw to cut dowel into 12″, […]

Bamboo Accent

Hot glue together two Foam Blocks to create one (approx.) 4″ x 4″ x 12″ Block. Set Block vertically on end. Wrap placemat around it. (Note: Placemat should align with table at bottom and extend a couple inches above Block.) Then check the fit to see how to secure placemat ends. (Note: Depending on fit, […]

Mixed Moss Cones

Glue small patches of all the varieties of moss to cover each of the foam cones.  The Spanish moss can be held in place with floral pins. Secure the alphabet tags to the cones with the covered wire.  Cut 3” pieces of the wire and bend them into “U” shapes.  Thread the wire through the […]

Halloween Directional Sign

Use the foam cutter or serrated knife to cut the foam sheet into four 3”x 36” long boards.  Set aside one piece for the sign post.  From the other three foam boards cut the following lengths; one 20”, one 18”, one 17”, one 16” and one 13” long piece.  The cuts do not need to […]

Iron Pot Arrangement

Place Desert Foam® Half Ball, flat side up in pot, using glue gun to glue on bottom. If container opening is smaller, trim half ball as needed.) Use Floral Wire Cutter to cut stems off bushes. Separate grassy spikes from flower bush. Insert grassy spikes into center of half ball. Separate flowers and insert them […]

Chalkboard Message Jar

Cover work area with newspapers. Referring to manufactures instructions, paint jar with two coats Chalkboard Paint, letting dry between coats and overnight to cure. Use Foam Cutter to trim Desert Foam® Brick so that it fits snuggly inside jar. Use Wire Cutter to trim major stems from flower bushes. Referring to photo, arrange and insert […]

Die Cut Flower Wreath

Read manufacturer’s instructions and be familiar with operating Cricut Expression™. (Note: Practice cutting flowers on scrap paper.) Flowers were cut at 2″ and 2 1/2″ using Accent # 24, 25, 32s and 46s. Place one sheet of scrapbook paper on mat and cut several of each flower (example: flower #24: cut four at 2″ and […]