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Queen of Hearts Wreath

 In a well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area (inside box) spray all sides of foam ring with two coats Carnation Red and let dry.  To cover foam ring, glue one end of ribbon to back of ring and wrap ribbon around it. Keep wraps snug, with each wrap just touching the previous one on the inside, and leaving […]

Happy New Year Wreath

In a well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area (inside cardboard box) spray foam ring with two light coats Brilliant Silver and let dry. Remove metallic strands from package and fluff to mix together. Then divide into four groups. With glue gun set on low temperature, drizzle a few squiggles of glue onto about a quarter of the top […]

Day of the Dead Wreath

Cut a 45” length of the 6” flat lace. Cover the wreath with the lace by wrapping the 45” edges around to the back and secure in place with pins and glue. Pin and glue the gathered lace to fan out from the back of the wreath as shown. Paint the leaves of the roses […]

Lemonade Wreath

For lemon slice, place one Foam Ball on cutting mat and use serrated knife to cut in half. (Tip: Roll the ball as you press the knife blade into the ball, watching that it is creating two equal halves. When you reach the beginning, saw back and forth to finish cutting.) With one half, cut […]

Sorbet Mesh Wreath

Gather the end of the mesh together tightly. Pin the gathered end to the inside edge of the wreath. Measure out 8″ and gather the mesh together again at this point. Loop the mesh and pin the gathered portion 2″ apart from the first pin. Continue measuring, looping and pinning on around the inside edge […]

Decorative Mesh Wreath-Spring

Start at the inside edge of the wreath using the white decorative mesh.  Gather the end of the mesh together and pin to the inside edge of the wreath.  Measure out about 10″ and gather the mesh again.  Loop the mesh and pin the gathered section about 2″ over from the first pin.  Continue gathering […]

Halloween Mesh Wreath

To Make the bats: Paint the balls black.  While the paint is still wet, roll the balls in the black glitter.  The paint will secure the glitter in place as it dries.  Set aside to dry completely. Glue the wiggle eyes to the glittered balls.  Shape pieces of the white wire into fangs.  Leave about […]

Candy Cane Stripe Wreath

Cut 7.5” lengths of red and white ribbon.  Glue the lengths of ribbon side by side around the wreath.  Follow the pattern of two red and one white.  If the pattern does not match at the end, don’t worry, you can cover this with the bow. Make a six loop bow with long tails.  Secure […]

“Let It Snow!” Mesh Wreath

Gather the end of the mesh together and pin to the outside of the wreath at the back edge.  Leave the back of the wreath bare so that it will lay flat against the wall or door when hung.  Measure out about 12” to 14” from the pinned end and gather the mesh again.  Pin […]

Loopy Burlap Ribbon Wreath

1. To create a high-low look, the foam wreath is covered in large and small loops of burlap ribbon. Use ruler and floral shears to measure and cut the following lengths of 2 1/2″ wide natural burlap ribbon: forty 6″, twenty-five 8″ and thirty 10″. (Note: Keep lengths separated into three groups.) 2. With foam […]

Burlap Boo Wreath

Glue the end of the chevron burlap to the back of the extruded ring.  Begin wrapping around the ring, slightly overlapping each wrap.  Completely cover the wreath and glue the end to secure in place. Cut six pendant flags from 3” lengths of burlap.  Glue the pendants together along the top sewn edge in pairs […]

Yarn Wreath

Glue one end of the blue variegated yarn to the back of the wreath. Begin wrapping the yarn tightly around the wreath. Keep the wraps of yarn pushed together to completely cover the wreath. Cut the yarn where you stop and glue in place at the back of the wreath. Randomly wrap eight of the […]