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Boo Crew

Pumpkin Use the foam cutter or serrated knife to cut a small flat spot off the 4” ball.  This is the bottom of the pumpkin.  Lay a glue stick on the table and lay the ball centered on the glue stick with the flat spot away from you.  Starting from the bottom, roll the ball […]

Mosaic Toadstools

For the two smaller toadstool bases, use a serrated knife to cut points off two cones, 3″ and 3 1/2″ down from the top. (Tip: To make the cut straight, mark the distance with a pencil, wrap a rubber band around the cone and adjust until straight. Then cut right alongside the rubber band.) For […]

Lemonade Wreath

For lemon slice, place one Foam Ball on the cutting mat and use a serrated knife to cut in half. (Tip: Roll the ball as you press the knife blade into the ball, watching that it is creating two equal halves. When you reach the beginning, saw back and forth to finish cutting.) With one […]

Star Wall Art

Measure and cut the 36” sheet into three 12”x12” squares with the serrated knife. Draw a star onto a 12”x12” piece of cardstock or print a star from the internet to create a template.  Cut out the star from the card stock and pin to one of the 12×12 foam squares. Use the StyroCutter®  to […]

Picnic Organizer

Refer to photo to notice that organizer is made from two Diorama kits that have been tipped on their backs and connected on their tops. However, one of the tops is not used there; instead it is trimmed down to make a divider. This creates three sections in the organizer.   *For now, to avoid confusion, […]

Fabric Owl

To cover foam Block (body), use 13 1/2 “ x 22” green fabric and wrap around Block as if you were wrapping a gift, applying glue stick to each side of Block as you wrap for a tight, smooth look. Let dry. Measure and cut 4″ x 18″ strip white floral fabric. Fold fabric lengthwise […]

Desk Caddy

(Note: Desk Caddy will be made by “scooping out” a U-shape from the Foam Block.) Set Block on work surface. As you look at front side of Block, use ruler and pencil to measure and mark 1″ from left, right and bottom edges. Draw lines to create a square U shape. Turn block around and […]

Baby Block

With Foam Block setting on work surface, use ruler and pencil to measure, mark and draw lines 1″ in from all edges on top of Block. Similarly, mark Block bottom. Then on one Block side vertically mark draw lines 1″ in from left and right edges. Similarly, mark other three sides. Use ruler for guide […]


Glue two 36” sheets together side by side to create a 24” x 36” sheet.   Cut 6” off one 24” end, this is the tombstone base.  Use the foam cutter to cut uneven angles into the edges of the base to give the look of broken stone. Draw your desired tombstone shape on the 24 […]

Space Station

To create strength for this model, it is designed with a larger center truss for all the components to attach to securely.  You will start by creating larger/thicker pieces (building blocks) of foam to build with. To build the center truss; cut four pieces of foam 2”x12” long and glue together stacked one on top […]