Burlap Holiday Wreath

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • Scissors


  1. Cut the chenille stems in half.
  2. Gather one end of the burlap together.  Use a half chenille stem to tie the end of the burlap to the center two wires on the wreath.
  3. Measure out about 10” from the end and gather the burlap again at this point.  Hold the burlap where it is gathered and fold this 10” length creating a loop. With a half chenille stem, tie the gathered point of the burlap about 1” up the wreath from where you tied the end.
  4. Measure out about 10” more and gather again.  Make another loop and tie the burlap to the wreath again about 1” away from the last tie.
  5. Continue looping and tying the burlap until the wire wreath in completely covered.
  6. Use a chenille stem to tie a cluster or ornaments to the wreath.
  7. Tie a simple ribbon bow and secure it to the wreath just below the ornaments.

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