Die Cut Flower Wreath

Skill Level: Beginner

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  1. Read manufacturer’s instructions and be familiar with operating Cricut Expression™. (Note: Practice cutting flowers on scrap paper.) Flowers were cut at 2″ and 2 1/2″ using Accent # 24, 25, 32s and 46s.
  2. Place one sheet of scrapbook paper on mat and cut several of each flower (example: flower #24: cut four at 2″ and four at 2 1/2″; flower 25 cut four at 2 and four at 2 1/2″, and so on with flower 32s and 46s. Then unload paper and remove flowers from mat. Repeat cutting flowers with remaining sheets of paper. (Note: Cut lots of flowers for pattern choices, using extras for future projects.)
  3. To curl petals up, roll petal tips around pencil. Stack two contrasting pattern, shape and size flowers. Use paper punch to make hole through centers. Insert brad through hole, add a dot of quick dry glue to shank and push into wreath. Repeat making flower pairs and attach, covering inside, top and sides of wreath.
  4. Tie ribbon into bow and knot securely. Position above top of wreath. Evenly trim ribbon tails and glue ends of tails to top, back of wreath. Secure by gluing and inserting a brad in each end to hold. Let dry and hang from center bow knot.



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