Faux Wedding Cake

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft®
  • Make It: Fun®
  • Design It:® SimpleStyle®
  • Natural wired burlap ribbon, 2 1/2" wide, 3 yd. length
  • Silk flowers:
    • Two stems white Babies Breath, white
    • Mini Cosmos, white
    • Hydrangea, sage green
  • Corsage pins, 2" long, six
  • Optional: Glass or white porcelain cake pedestal




  1. To “frost”, practice applying Smooth Foam to edge of large Cake Form. Experiment with the look you want. Sample in photo is made by applying a generous amount of Smooth Foam to edge and running frosting knife up and down, allowing a vertical ripple to show at the tip of the knife. (Rest of area under knife is smooth.) When reaching the top, swerve knife back down, about 1/2″ away from first ripple, to create the second one. When reaching bottom, swerve knife back up, creating the third ripple. Continue swirling back and forth, applying Smooth Foam when needed and smoothing out as you go, but leaving a rippled edge, all around edge of Cake Form until you reach the beginning. (Note: there will be a ridge along the top edge. Don’t do anything with that yet.)
  2. “Frost” top of large Cake Form with the same 4″ long swirled ripples, but let the ripples go toward the center of the cake and back out to the edge. This will make them angle slightly. (Note: Since the next layer will cover the center, “frost” in only the 4″.) Along the top edge, use the palm of your hand to gently, slightly flatten in order to join the Smooth Foam on the top and that on the side. Let dry.

    Similarly “frost” the edges and top of the medium Cake Form and the small Cake Form and let dry

  3. Use Floral Shears to cut wired burlap ribbon into three lengths measuring: 40″, 34″ and 28″. On smallest Cake Form, hold up 28″ length. Fold under 3/4″ along top edge of ribbon and wrap around bottom edge of Cake Form. On back, fold under one edge to overlap other edge. Apply craft glue and insert hat pins, one just above the other, to hold in place.

    Similarly wrap, glue and pin ribbon around other two Cake Forms.

  4. Decide if you want to glue together layers or not, since transportation is easier without gluing. If not, use three toothpicks, inserted between each layer to hold. (Note: Be sure to check hat pins so that layers are aligned.)
  5.  Use Foam Cutter to cut Foam Ball in half. (Set one half aside for another project.) Use toothpicks and craft glue to attach cut side of ball half to center of small Cake Form. Use Wire Cutter to trim stems to 1/2″ on each of six large succulents. Evenly space them at the bottom of the half ball, (alternating light and dark green colors.) Push stems into foam and glue with craft glue.

    ∙Sprouting out the top, insert and glue three two-stemmed green succulents.

    ∙Pull apart sage Hydrangea into flower sprigs. Insert and glue ten – twelve sprigs among succulents.

    ∙Fill in any areas showing foam, with white Mini Cosmos blossoms and Babies Breath sprigs.

    ∙Last, insert peacock feather at top center. If desired, set faux cake onto cake plate for display.


Since the burlap ribbon is only glued to itself, the burlap ribbon can be removed and replaced with other ribbons and embellishments for other occasions.

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