Feather Glam Ornament

Skill Level: Beginner

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  1. Cut a 9” length of boa and pin it around the ball dividing it in half.  Repeat with a second 9” length in the opposite direction dividing the ball in quarters.
  2. Cut a 9” length of the coordinating boa and pin around the ball in between the rows of boa already pinned to the ball.
  3. Repeat with a second 9” length covering the last two bare sections of the ball.    The diameter of feather boas vary so you may need to fill in around the ball by pinning extra lengths of boa where needed.
  4. Glue the eye pin into the top of the ornament.  Tie a length of fish line through the eye pin for hanging. (This step not needed if placing in a bowl or basket)

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