Holiday Packages Topiary

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • foam Brand Foam:
  • +Sheets, Three - 1”x12”x36”
  • +Cubes, 8” and 5”
  • +Ball, 8”
  • Design It:® Foam Cutter or serrated knife
  • 8” Clay Pot or Similar Container
  • Wood Dowel, 7/8” x 36”
  • 5 Coordinating Styles/Colors Holiday Fabrics
  • 5 Coordinating Sizes/Colors Holiday Ribbons
  • Ornaments/Tinsel Garland (Tree Topper)
  • T-Pins
  • Tie wire
  • Low Temp Glue Gun & glue sticks


  1. Using the foam cutter, cut four 12×12” pieces from the 1x12x36” sheets.  Glue the pieces together to create the 4x12x12” bottom package and set aside.  Glue just around the edges of the pieces, keeping glue away from the centers of the packages will make it easier to insert the dowel.  Its okay if the edges do not meet up exactly you will be sanding them smooth later.  Cut three 9×12 pieces and glue together to create the 3x9x12” second package and set aside.  The third package is the 8” cube and the top package is the 5” cube.  Cut small “sanding blocks” from the remaining foam sheet and “sand” the cut edges of the packages to make them even and smooth.
  2. Insert the dowel straight through the centers of the packages.  For the top 5” cube push the dowel only ¾ of the way through keeping the dowel from pushing through the top of the cube.  Wrap all the packages with the fabrics gluing and pinning to secure.  Find the center holes on each package and cut back the fabric to allow the dowel to push through.  Embellish each package with ribbons, being careful to not cover the holes.
  3. Glue the 8” ball securely into the clay pot.  Push the dowel all the way down into the center of the pot and glue securely in place.  Cut a piece of fabric to cover the pot, cut it big enough to gather all the edges of fabric around the dowel and secure with tie wire.  Trim excess fabric edges from around dowel.
  4. Stack the packages onto the dowel; Glue the top package to the dowel first and apply a thick amount of glue to the dowel under the top package and push the 8” cube up tightly against the 5” cube.  Apply a thick amount of glue to the dowel and push the next package up, apply glue to the dowel and push the last package up.  Hold or prop packages until glue is completely dry.  Make a bow and glue to the pot.  Glue ornaments and tinsel garland for the tree topper.

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