Ice Cream Cone Ornament

Skill Level: Beginner

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FloraCraft® Brand Products:
Make It: Fun® Foam:
Cone, 2 3/8″ x 3 7/8″    
Balls, two – 2 1/2″ diameter & one – 1″ diameter
Foam Scrap (to hold painted pieces while they dry)
Design It:® Foam Cutter or serrated knife
Acrylic paint: Sable Brown, Bubblegum Pink, Snow White, Berry Red and Espresso Brown (DecoArt® Americana®)
Foam Paint™ in squeeze bottles: White, Brown (DecoArt®)
Glitter spray sealer (Design Master®)
2″ long eye pin
8″ length silver cord
1 Tablespoon pink, glittery seed beads
Tacky glue (Elmer’s® CraftBond™)
Misc.: Paintbrush, teaspoon, plastic knife, drinking glass, old pencils, paper plate



  1. Press plastic knife into cone to make lines as follows: Starting at top, at an angle, press straight line that wraps all around cone and continues down to point. Repeat with a parallel line 1/2″ below first; and third line 1/2″ below that.   Again, starting at top, make scored lines perpendicular to first set, creating diamond pattern on cone. (Note: Lines won’t match up at center back.)
  2. Use teaspoon to gently scoop out center of cone so ball fits into cone. With knife, cut off 1 1/2″ diameter slice from each 2 1/2″ ball.
  3. Insert pointed ends of pencils into each cut area of 2 1/2″ balls and cone to hold while painting. Paint one 2 1/2″ ball Pink and one White; paint cone Sable Brown. (Note: after painting, insert pencil into scrap foam to let dry.) Paint 1″ ball Red and set on scrap foam to dry.
  4. Keeping pencil of pink ball inserted into scrap foam, squeeze white foam paint onto top (curved side) of pink ball and let it drip down sides. (Use nozzle to draw drips down as desired- See photo.) While still wet, work over paper plate and use teaspoon to sprinkle beads on drips. Push pencil back into scrap foam to dry.
  5. With white ball, remove and replace pencil into curved side, directly opposite sliced area. Replace pencil into scrap foam. Squeeze brown foam paint onto top (flat side) of white ball and let drip down sides. Similarly, sprinkle beads on drips (trying not to get beads on flat area). Set aside on scrap foam to dry.
  6. Set aside to thoroughly dry. Remove pencils from pieces.
  7. Use tacky glue to attach cone to bottom of white ball with brown drips up. Glue flat side of pink ball onto flat area of brown paint on white ball. Glue red ball on top. Set ice cream cone into drinking glass to dry.
  8. Spread glue onto eye pin and insert into top center of red ball. Let dry. For hanger loop, thread cord through the eye pin, bring together ends and tie with overhand knot close to ends. Holding onto loop, in a well-ventilated area, spray ice cream cone with glitter spray. Let dry.


Sources used for project as shown:

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Ludington, MI 49431

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