Just Hatched Dino

Skill Level: Beginner

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  1. For tail, plan position of foam cone on small end of large foam egg so that it curves up. Use spoon to scoop out large end of cone to fit on egg.  Use glue gun to attach.
  2. Use handsaw to cut dowel into 5″ (neck) and four 3 1/4″ (legs).
  3. Note location of tail and press neck dowel into top, front of body. Remove dowel, apply hot glue to end and press back in place. Press small foam egg (head) on top of neck and press. Similarly remove and glue. Position legs under body, press into place and similarly remove and glue.
  4. Cover work surface with newspapers. Paint dinosaur with Olive Green. Let dry. Paint eight triangles Turquoise Blue; eight triangles Bright Orange and all circles Light Yellow. (Option: For easier painting, use a stapler to attach Contact® paper, sticky-side-up, to cardboard. Remove release paper and position wood pieces onto adhesive side. Then paint. When dry, turn triangles over and paint other sides.)
  5. Use a pencil to lightly draw a guideline down center back of body and head. Press alternating color triangles into body and head. Then remove, apply hot glue and re-insert. Also use glue gun to attach triangles to neck.
  6. Use glue pen to glue eyes to sides of head and circles to body. Insert quilting pins into head for nostrils. For mouth, bend wire into zig-zag shaped curve and push ends into head. Glue if necessary.



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