Mesh Heart & Feathers

Skill Level: Beginner

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  1. Leave Foam in plastic wrapping. Enlarge pattern 200 % (Note: Heart should measure12″ wide x 13 1/2″ tall.) Use marker to trace pattern onto plastic wrapping. Use craft knife to score along marker lines, going down into Foam. Remove plastic wrapping and use Foam Cutter to cut out heart along scored line.
  2. Use Floral Shears to cut one hundred 7″ x 7″ Decorative Mesh pieces. Fold one square in half by bringing top of square down to bottom. Fold in half in the other direction, by bringing left side over onto right side. Repeat left to right fold again and insert Floral Pin through all layers at bottom. Insert into side edge of Foam heart so that “pouf” shows.
  3. Repeat with another square and insert into side edge of Foam heart, about 1″ away from first one. Continue until side edge is filled all around heart. Then start in center of heart and work out, inserting each new Mesh piece about 1″ away from others. Continue until heart front is completely covered.
  4. Insert Feather Picks into heart at top right, going through heart and folding over wire on back. Trim with Wire Cutter, leaving 2″ tails to prevent from slipping back out.
  5. To hang Mesh heart, insert large paper clip into upper back of heart, allowing end of clip to extend out for hanger loop. Secure with hot glue.






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