Mosaic Planter

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® Foam Cube, 5" square.
  • Floral Moss, 1 pkg.
  • Light green eucalyptus, three stems, approx. 6" tall.
  • Dark green fine eucalyptus, four stems, approx. 9" tall.
  • Sea glass in various colors: aqua, blue, green, lavender and clear.
  • 1"- 1/12" sea shells, eight - twelve.
  • White felt, 5" square (optional).
  • DecoArt® Light Birch Americana® Stuccos, 8 oz. jar.
  • Jumbo craft stick.
  • Floral Cutter
  • Elmer's® Craft Bond™ Tacky Glue.
  • Newspapers


  1. Protect work area with newspapers. Open stucco jar and mix thoroughly with craft stick to a frosting-like consistency.
  2. Much like frosting a cake, work on one side at a time, using a craft stick to apply an approx. 1/4″ thick layer of stucco to foam cube. When one side has been completely frosted, refer to photo to randomly press sea glass and shells into stucco. Create an interesting mosaic design by “fitting” the pieces next to one another like a puzzle, but leaving space all around each piece. Press hard enough for stucco to come up around sea glass and shells so that it holds securely when dry. Repeat with other three sides of cube, leaving top and bottom uncovered. Let dry.
  3. Use floral cutter to trim ends from both light green and dark green eucalyptus stems to desired lengths. Insert dark green eucalyptus stems into top center of block. Then insert light green eucalyptus stems around dark eucalyptus stems.
  4. Drizzle tacky glue onto foam around eucalyptus stems and attach floral moss, covering foam block top.
  5. Optional: Glue 5″ square white felt to bottom of block.


  • Make block for special occasions by using various holiday florals and holiday items to be placed into stucco. Then place on dining room table for centerpiece or on mantle for added holiday decoration.
  • Make block for baby or child’s room using items relating to that baby or child such as: their hand print or foot print, photos, or other significant items. Place on shelf to decorate room.
  • Make block for a special man’s birthday or Father’s Day using items special and specific to him.









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