Skill Level: Beginner

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  • foam Brand Foam:
  • Make it: Fun® Project Bricks
  • Acrylic Paint - Silver
  • Toothpicks
  • (Optional) Embellishments:  Ribbons, stickers, buttons, paper scraps, colored wires, old radio or clock parts, etc.



  1. Feet: Glue 4 bricks together, side by side.  Now glue 3 bricks together, side by side and glue on top of the 4 bricks.  The single brick is the front of the foot, see photo.  Repeat for second foot.
  2. Legs:  Glue 2 bricks together, side by side.  Repeat.  Glue the 2 brick sets together, end to end for the inside portion of the leg.  Firmly roll the front and back of the leg on the table to round the edges.  Apply glue to the bottom of the leg and attach, centered, to the top inside edge of the foot.  TIP: Inserting toothpicks between all the body parts before gluing will ensure a more secure hold. Glue 2 bricks together, end to end and round edges.  Glue these 2 bricks centered on the outside of the leg, gluing in place on top of the foot.  See photo.  Repeat for second leg. 
  3. Hips:  Glue 6 bricks together side by side.  Glue another 6 bricks on top of them.  Glue hips to the top of the legs with the outside of the leg even with the outside edge of the hip.  Cut a brick in half, round edges and glue each half to the outside edge of the hips for “bolts”.  Cut a brick in half lengthwise.  Glue the halves together side by side to make a flat square and glue the square to the front center of the hips as shown.
  4. Body:  Using 12 bricks glue together a stack of bricks side by side, 3 bricks wide and 4 bricks tall.  Repeat for a second stack.  Glue 3 bricks together side by side, repeat and glue the two 3 brick sets together end to end.  Glue this set of bricks in between the two 12 brick stacks to create a rectangular cube for the body.  See photo.  Glue the body centered to the top of the hips.
  5. Neck:  Glue 2 bricks together, side by side, round edges and glue the end of the bricks centered on top of the body as shown.
  6. Head:  Glue 2 bricks together, side by side.  Glue 2 bricks on top of them to make a square cube and glue the head on top of the neck.  Cut a brick in half and glue a half centered to each side of the head.  Glue another brick lengthwise along the top of the head.  Cut another brick in half lengthwise.  Now cut the half in half again lengthwise.  Glue this ¼ brick to the front of the face at the top of the head as shown.
  7. Shoulders:  Glue 2 bricks together, side by side.  Glue a single brick across the end of these 2 bricks creating a flat rectangle, repeat.  Glue the shoulders to the body centered at each side of the neck.
  8. Arms: (Upper arm) Glue 2 bricks together, side by side.  Glue a single brick across the end creating a flat rectangle. Round edges and glue under shoulder as shown.  (Lower arm and hand) Round edges on a single brick and glue the end to the front of the upper arm.  Cut about ¼ off the end of a brick.  Now make two shallow cuts across the side of the ¾ brick, about halfway through and 1/8” apart.  Use the blade to scrape away the groove for the hands and glue the hand to the front of the arm.  Repeat for second arm.
  9. Using acrylic paint, brush on 2 to 3 coats as needed for even coverage letting each coat dry before applying the next.  Let dry completely.
  10.  Embellish the robot with scraps of items found around the home or see what you can find at your local craft store.  Glue embellishments to the robot.


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