Room Butterfly

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® Brand Products:
  • Make It: Fun®: Foam, 3 7/8" x 8 7/8" Cone,
  • 12" x 12" sheets double-sided cardstock: Two pink, two pink flower, one pink chevron
  • Twelve 3/4" diameter faceted gemstones, assorted pastel and clear
  • Two 7 5/8" yellow, plastic flexible drinking straws
  • Two yards clear fishing line
  • Straight pin with round head
  • All purpose glue stick (Elmer's® CraftBond®)
  • 8" scissors (X-ACTO®)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Glue gun and glue sticks (for adult use only)


  1. (Note: For this project, point of Foam Cone is down.)  Wrap chevron paper around Cone, leaving 1″ beyond bottom point (small end) and 3″ at top (large end). Allow wrapped edges to just overlap and trim excess flap with scissors.
  2. To finish bottom (small end) of Cone, cut 1″ slits 1/4″ apart. Take turns folding and asking an adult to hot glue strips working opposite sides to evenly pull and cover point. Allow each strip to overlap strip near it and trim as needed
  3. Repeat process to cover top (large end) of Cone. Freehand cut (approximately) 2″ circle and ask an adult to hot glue to cover center of top (large end) of Cone.
  4. Enlarge Wing pattern 200 % on photocopier. Note that wing pattern has both inside and outside cutting lines. Trace outside wing on pink scrapbook paper and cut out with scissors. Flip over pattern, trace and cut second pink wing along outside lines. (Note: Because back of wings will show, use double sided paper or cut twice as many wings and glue together.)
  5. Similarly, trace inside wing onto flowered paper and cut out. Flip over pattern, trace and cut second flowered wing along inside lines. Use glue stick to glue flowered wings onto pink wings.
  6. Fold back wings along dashed line. Use glue stick to randomly attach gem stones onto wings. Ask an adult to use glue gun to glue wings to sides of body with tabs toward back.
  7. For antennae, use tip of scissors to carefully make small holes in top (large end) of body cone. Widen holes by inserting pencil. Ask and adult to apply hot glue and insert bottom of straws for antennae. Refer to photo to bend straws to sides.
  8. To hang, fold fishing line in half and knot ends together to make long loop. Insert pin into knot, then into body so it hangs at desired angle. After determining balance point for pin placement, ask an adult to hot glue to secure.

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