Star Wall Art

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® Foam:
  • Sheet: 1”x12”x36”
  • Satin Fabric: Copper
  • Scrapbook Paper: Glittered Copper (2) and Textured Cream (2)
  • Adhesive Scrapbook Embellishments
  • Acrylic Paint: Black
  • Glitter: Black
  • Felt: Black (15”x15” square)



  1. Measure and cut the 36” sheet into three 12”x12” squares with the serrated knife.
  2. Draw a star onto a 12”x12” piece of cardstock or print a star from the internet to create a template.  Cut out the star from the card stock and pin to one of the 12×12 foam squares.
  3. Use the StyroCutter®  to cut out the star shape.  Follow the package instructions carefully.   Use the card stock template as a straight edge as you cut.  Be sure to hold the blade at a 90 degree angle to the template to get a smooth even edge.  Repeat to cut out the second star.    Save the scrap pieces of foam for later.
  4. Use the star template to cut out stars from the two styles of scrapbook paper.  Glue the paper stars to the foam stars.  Cut 1” strips of the papers and glue to cover the edge of the stars.  Add scrapbook embellishments to embellish.
  5. Glue felt to cover the front and sides of the last 12×12 square.  Trim the felt at the corners so that the corners are straight and square.  Adding the felt to the foam square first creates a smooth surface for the satin fabric to wrap onto.  This gives a clean smooth appearance to the satin.
  6. Cut a 16” x 16” piece of satin.  Glue the satin to the front and sides of the felt covered square.  Pull the satin snug and fold the corners as you would a gift for smooth clean corners.  Glue the satin edges at the back of the foam square.
  7. Draw a 4” star, a 3” star and a 2.5” star onto card stock.  Cut out the templates and pin to the reserved scrap foam pieces.  Cut the stars out using the StyroCutter®.  Paint the edges of all the stars black.  While the paint is wet, sprinkle with glitter.  The paint will secure the glitter as it dries.  Use the templates to cut stars from the cream paper.  Glue the paper stars to cover the front of the foam stars.  Glue the stars to the square as shown.  Add embellishments below the stars to finish.

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