Sunshine & the Orbiters

Skill Level: Beginner

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  1. Glue the eyes to the upper portion of each of the planets.  Be sure to glue larger eyes to the larger planets and smaller eyes to the smaller planets.
  2. To make the arms, cut 2 black, chenille stems to the appropriate length for each planet.  Bend a loop for the hand in one end then insert opposite end about ½” into the planet as shown.  Use white tacky glue to secure.
  3. To make the feet, repeat steps for making the arms for the 5 smallest planets.  Make the loops in the end of the stems a little bigger to help them stand.  The 4 larger planets’ and the sun’s feet are cut from the black craft foam sheet.  Cut feet that are the appropriate size for each planet and glue in place as shown.
  4. “Accordion-fold” the yellow, chenille stems then glue them around the outside edge of the sun as shown.

Fun tips:

  • Cut the wood dowels in half (included in the Solar System Kit) and insert into the backs of the planet pals to create puppets for an educational puppet show.
  • Glue fish line to the tops of the planet pals and hang them from the ceiling in orbit.
  • Make small, paper signs, attached to toothpicks, for the planet pals to hold.  Example: “Hi, I’m Pluto!”

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