Yarn Wrapped Candle Ring

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • Floracraft® Foam:
  • Balls: 2” (12)
  • Yarn: Pink and Chunky Black
  • Satin Ribbon: Pink
  • Buttons: Black and White
  • Tall Candle
  • Glass Candle Plate
  • Toothpicks


  • Low-Temp Glue Gun
  • Scissors


  1. Glue one end of the pink yarn to the side of a 2” foam ball.  Wrap the yarn around the ball in all directions until completely covered.  Repeat to cover all 12 foam balls.
  2. Lay the yarn wrapped balls in a circle.  Connect each ball with toothpicks in between each of the balls, and glue to secure.
  3. Glue the end of the black yarn to the back of one of the balls.  Weave the black yarn in and out of the circle of balls creating a across the front of each ball.  Now weave the black yarn a second time around the circle to create a / across each of the balls.  Now you should have an X across the front of each of the balls.  Glue a small white button where the yarn crosses.
  4. Glue two wraps of pink ribbon around the candle.  Glue buttons to the ribbon at the front of the candle.

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