FloraCraft team members inspect product.

June 13, 2024

FloraCraft Recognized as Best-in-Class Employer by Gallagher

FloraCraft®, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of floral and craft foam, was recognized as a Best-in-Class Employer by Gallagher’s 2023 U.S. Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey for its excellence in implementing successful strategies for managing people and programs.

FloraCraft's Gallagher Award alongside a vase with a bright pink flower in it.

The survey highlighted FloraCraft’s comprehensive framework for strategically investing in benefits, compensation and employee communication to support the health, financial security and career growth of its employees at a sustainable cost structure.

“We are committed to being the employer of choice in Mason County and beyond,” FloraCraft’s Vice President of Culture, Safety and People James Morkert said. “We have been very intentional in creating an environment and benefits program that support our team members both at work and at home. It is gratifying Gallagher has recognized the deliberate work we’ve done to help our team continue to thrive.”

Gallagher is a global insurance brokerage, risk management and consulting services firm. Its U.S. Best-in-Class Benchmarking Analysis profiles statistically significant attributes of top-performing midsize and large employers. As a U.S. Best-in-Class Employer, FloraCraft was assigned points based on its relative performance in:

  • Plan horizons for benefits and compensation strategies
  • Extent of the wellbeing strategy
  • Turnover rate for full-time equivalents
  • Completion of a workforce engagement survey
  • Use of an HR technology strategy and its level of sophistication
  • Difference in healthcare costs over the prior year
  • Use of a communication strategy

“FloraCraft understands that high employee expectations haven’t budged in the changing labor market and have regularly examined their formula to attract and retain talent,” said William F. Ziebell, CEO of Gallagher’s Benefits & HR Consulting Division. “In doing so, FloraCraft utilizes data, workforce feedback tools and clearly defined policies to provide competitive benefits and experiences that their employees value.”

FloraCraft recently also received the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration Silver Award and Ergonomic Success Award for its efforts to build a systematic safety culture that places employee engagement at the forefront. Since the program’s inception in the early 90s, less than 200 companies have received these awards out of 300,000 companies in Michigan.