About Us

Who We Are

A family-owned and Michigan-based company, FloraCraft is the world’s leading manufacturer of foam products for the craft and floral industries. For more than 70 years, we have made it easy for creators everywhere through our innovative craft and floral foam products. FloraCraft is the industry leader for creators through our house of brands.

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Our Mission

We honor our FloraCraft heritage by providing excellence in products, diversity in thought and deed, and superior supply chain management to our customers.

We Make It: Fun® for our employees, our customers, and our community.

Giving Back

We believe in giving back to our community by supporting the arts, education, sports and other initiatives that make Ludington a wonderful place to live, work or raise a family.

A Team Effort

Our team is the heartbeat of our organization – driving excellence and innovation to provide exceptional products to our customers.


Whether for craft or floral projects, FloraCraft is the industry leader for creators everywhere through our well-respected house of brands, including Make It: Fun®, Design It: Flowers®, Artesia WetFōM®, Desert DryFōM®, and others.

Our History

Our History

Founded after World War II, FloraCraft is a family-owned business success story built by owner and Chairman Lee Schoenherr, who leveraged the purchase of his uncle’s business, growing it into the industry leader we are today. Over the past eight decades, we have grown steadily by expanding our product line to better meet the needs of our customers and through acquisitions.


FloraCraft is committed to reducing our environmental impact by recycling more than 98 percent of our foam fabrication scrap. This scrap material is then collected and reused in other FloraCraft products or sold to companies who utilize recycled materials.

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Headquartered in the USA

FloraCraft is dedicated to protecting American jobs by maintaining its independence as a locally owned and operated Michigan company.

Leadership Team

Lee Schoenherr

Owner and Chairman of the Board

Steve Carlson

President and Chief Executive Officer

John Nielsen

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Smith

Vice President of Fabrication and Packaging

Phil Gable

Vice President of Extrusion

Annie O'Connor

Vice President of Supply Chain

James Morkert

Vice President of Culture, Safety and People

Brent Powell

Vice President of Product and Sales Development

Marla O'Dell

Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Meghan Blewitt

Director of E-Commerce

Jamie Sutton

Director of Marketing and New Business Development

Jessica Beerman

Director of Global Sourcing

Amy Steidl Olson

Director of Product Operations

Wally Cain

Director of Information Technology

Ase Personette

Director of Manufacturing Operations

Tangee Pettis


Join Our Team

We are proud of our exceptional workforce at FloraCraft. With an average tenure of nine years, our team is stable and committed to the success of our business. In fact, some families are second- and third-generation employees. Through competitive pay, exceptional benefits and a wonderful work culture, FloraCraft strives to be the employer of choice in Northern Michigan.