November 26, 2019

FloraCraft® Launches New Heavy-Duty Easel

FloraCraft®, the leading manufacturer of craft and floral foam, launched its new heavy-duty Mighty Diesel Easel.

The sturdy metal easel provides a firm foundation for over-sized floral arrangements, picture frames and other hefty items. The Mighty Diesel Easel holds objects up to 50 pounds and is designed to fold for easy transport.

“Expanding our product line to better meet consumer needs is one of our key principles as a company,” said CEO Eric Erwin. “Our team saw an opportunity to capitalize on a new venture and I am proud FloraCraft was the first in getting this product to market.”

FloraCraft created the product after consumer insights pointed to standard easels in the market not having the ability to hold the weight of larger, heavier floral arrangements.

The Mighty Diesel Easel, which comes in 54- and 60-inch sizes, was the first of its kind to hit the market and can be purchased through floral wholesalers.