Two flowers placed in vase with foam

September 28, 2021

Supply Shortages Offer Opportunities for Unique Floral Products

Supply and demand struggles for florists highlight the benefits of new, innovative products

By Dondi Richardson, senior designer

Floral and hardgoods shortages continue to impact the floral industry, prompting florists to further tap into their creative minds to work around the issue while continuing to create beautiful floral arrangements.

Like floral arrangements, the cause of the floral supply shortage has multiple layers. Fresh flowers have been difficult to come by and well-loved products, like wet foam, have been difficult to find. Despite these supply shortages, the return of events has increased the demand for floral designs.

To get around this supply and demand struggle, florists have gone back to basics using an “old school” technique: water picks and XPS foam (commonly referred to as styrofoam).

flowers in water picks

It may seem outdated to insert flowers into foam with water picks, but some florists struggling to maintain an adequate stock of wet foam have successfully reverted to this retro technique. Fresh flowers can be used with XPS foam, by placing water picks directly into the foam, creating a useful alternative for floral arrangements.

Using a lightweight, yet sturdy XPS foam, like FloraCraft’s FloraFōM®, makes it easy when cutting and fitting foam into any container while safely holding stems or water picks in place­. This method, in particular, is perfect when combining fresh flowers and permanent botanicals, like so many designers do these days.

Users can rest easy, knowing FloraFōM is made right here in the United States and is the only XPS floral foam made with post-consumer recycled plastic. The product saves hard-to-recycle plastics that often end up in landfills by using recycled plastic garment hangers from retailers. In addition to its versatility as a wet foam alternative, we’re continuing to find consumers want to use this product because it has been responsibly made, created with environmentally conscious materials and doesn’t pollute the water supply.

It would be nice to look into the proverbial crystal ball and foresee when the floral and hardgoods supply shortage will end. The reality is, uncertainty is the only constant at the moment. Even when supply and demand eventually even out, FloraFōM will continue to offer florists a quality alternative that is responsibly made and environmentally conscious. Until then, we continue to be inspired by florists everywhere who are tapping into their imagination to share beautiful, innovative designs.