FloraCraft team members stand around boxes of donated coats and winter items.

December 6, 2023

FloraCraft Warms up the Holidays with Donated Winter Gear for Elementary Students

On Friday, Dec. 1, FloraCraft team members made a special delivery to Ludington Elementary School of donated winter gear, including 58 warm winter coats, 61 pair of gloves and 51 cozy hats. The initiative aims to help keep kids warm and safe during the cold winter months.

“No child should miss recess and outdoor activities due to a lack of winter gear,” FloraCraft President and CEO Steve Carlson said. “Our community means a great deal to us. We’re honored to participate in this initiative each year and thank our team, friends and family for stepping up to donate.”

Many FloraCraft team members look forward to the activity each year, with several of their family members and neighbors also participating. One donation this year is particularly special as Kathy Beimer, mother to Vice President of Supply Chain Annie O’Connor, handknitted 28 hats – more than half of all those collected.

The coat drive has become a tradition at FloraCraft and another example of its longstanding commitment to the Ludington community. Owner and Chairman Lee Schoenherr and the entire FloraCraft team are dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the Lakeshore community, which  has been a critical component of the company’s success. 

“We are delighted to see our coat drive continue successfully, providing Ludington-area students the clothing they need to stay warm while having fun outdoors,” Carlson said. “We look forward to hosting many more similar initiatives that benefit our community throughout the holiday season and year-round.”