A snapshot of a Christmas wreath with red poinsettias and berries.

December 7, 2023

Create Your Own Wreath Just in Time for the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching and, if you’re like most shoppers, you’ve probably seen displays of beautiful wreaths both in store and online. Have you ever stopped to consider making your own holiday wreath to accommodate your personal style and budget?

While creating one on your own may seem overwhelming, with the right tools and supplies, you can easily craft your own festive holiday decoration to greet guests at your front door, brighten the inside of your home or – using FloraCraft’s wire easels – adorn a loved one’s memorial for the holidays. FloraCraft’s FōM wreath form allows creators to easily pick, glue, wrap or otherwise adhere their favorite decorations to make a truly unique creation.

While this classic red poinsettia wreath is what we’re showing you, this guide is just a jumping off point. Perhaps you prefer an icy blue winter theme, a rustic woodland look with pinecones or an elegant, modern Christmas design? The possibilities to accessorize and customize are endless. The red poinsettias, pinecones, berry picks and greenery can be simply swapped out for whatever foliage you prefer. No matter your aesthetic, this simple guide to holiday wreath making is a great place to learn the basics of how to make your own.

We saw the endless options first-hand through a recent donation to Ludington Area Center for the Arts, a local volunteer-run nonprofit that works to engage, inspire and strengthen our community through a variety of events, education and exhibits. We provided XXX wreath forms for the Center’s annual Festival of Wreaths fundraiser. Local artists and crafters volunteered to decorate each form, which are then displayed in the Center’s lobby and online for bidding – with all proceeds going toward the Center’s arts advocacy.

Learn how you can make your own festive wreath to bring joy to your home this holiday season below. 

A Christmas wreath with red poinsettias and berries above a mantle covered in evergreen garland and twinkling lights.


  • FloraCraft® FloraFōM®:
    • 14″ Extruded Wreath – Green
  • (3) Red Poinsettias
  • (4) Green Fern or Cedar Branches w/ Red Berries
  • (4) Frosted Pine & Pinecone Picks
  • (12) Red Berry Picks


  • Low-Temp Glue Gun
  • 6” Diagonal Wire Cutter
  • Greening Pins


  1. Cut two poinsettias from the stems, leaving about a 1” stem. Push the two, almost touching, into the bottom left front of the wreath. Push them all the way, so they are flush with the face of the wreath. Add glue to the stems before inserting them for a more secure hold. Cut the stem of the last poinsettia to about 2” and insert it in between the first two, sitting up a little higher for some dimension. With your focal flowers in first, you can then build around them, so they look like they are built into the wreath instead of looking like they are sitting on top.
  2. Cut apart the fern or cedar branches. Use the floral pins to attach the branches to the wreath. Bend the branches slightly to follow the curve of the wreath. Start by pinning the branches to cover the outside edge of the wreath. Next, pin branches around the face of the wreath. Use the remaining branches to fill in around the inside of the wreath.
  3. Insert the frosted pine picks evenly spaced around the face of the wreath for some added texture.
  4. Insert the red berry picks evenly spaced around the entire wreath for pops of color.

As you can see, creating your own Christmas wreath is relatively easy and – with limitless decorating options – fun! A quick trip to your local craft store or scrolling through social media can help provide endless inspiration for your next project.

Be sure to snap a photo or video of your creation process and final product to share with us on social media using #FloraCraft #MakeItFunCrafts.

From all of us at FloraCraft, Merry Christmas and happy holidays!