Boho Broken Arch Backdrop

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® (5) 4” x 24” FōM Rods 
  • (4) 1” x 48” Wooden Dowels 
  • (2) 1” x 36” Wooden Dowels 
  • 12 in. Dia Composite Post Foundation 
  • 18” Zip Ties 
  • Wood Shims 
  • Liquid Nail Adhesive 
  • (28) Bushes Faux Pampas Grass - Natural 
  • (18) Stems Faux King Protea - Pink 
  • (12) Stems Faux Large Roses – Burnt Orange  
  • (12) Stems Faux Large Peonies – Coral/Peach 
  • (12) Stems Faux Feathery Fern - White 
  • (9) Faux Twig Branches – Brown/Natural 
  • (12) Faux Pod Branches – Brown/Natural 
  • (18) Stems Faux Dogwood Blossoms– Pink 
  • (18) Stems Faux Dogwood Blossoms – Cream 
  • (12) Stems Faux Passionflower – Mauve/Pink 
  • (18) Stems Faux Spray Roses – Coral/Peach 
  • (9) Large Palm Spears – Natural 
  • 5 LBS. Spanish Moss 


  • Wire Cutters  
  • Hammer 


  1. The back of this arch was left bare to allow it to stand up against a backdrop. If this is to be viewed from all sides additional florals and filler will be needed. 
  2. Place 2 dowels into 2 of the foundation sections about 3” apart. Fill the sections around the dowel with liquid nail.  Hammer in enough wood shims alongside the dowels so that they fit snug into the foundation sections. Allow the liquid nail to dry and harden around the dowels. 
  3. Place a foam rod centered between the 2 dowels at the base and zip tie in place. Place a second rod on top of the first and zip tie in place.  For the taller side of the arch, zip tie the bottom 12” of the 2, 36” wood dowels to the top foam rod.  Place the third foam rod in front of the dowels and zip tie in place. 
  4. Insert the pampas grass evenly spaced into the rods to create the shape and dimensions of the arch.   
  5. Insert the focal flowers, king protea, orange roses and large peonies evenly spaced throughout the pampas grass.  Insert them at different levels to create depth. 
  6. Insert the faux twig branches and the pod branches to help define the shape and dimensions and to add texture. 
  7. Insert the feathery fern throughout the arrangement for added texture and contrast. 
  8. Insert the passionflower stems evenly spaced throughout the arrangement.  Insert them at different levels to create depth. 
  9. Insert stems of dogwood, and spray roses to fill in around the entire arrangement. 
  10. Insert the palm spears peeking out from the florals evenly spaced. 
  11. Use floral pins to attach Spanish moss to any exposed foam. Glue Spanish moss to cover any exposed wood dowels. 
  12. Use a fabric to conceal the foundation or cover with Spanish moss for a more natural look. 

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