Crystal Wonderland

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • Ball® Wide Mouth Quart Jar
  • FloraCraft® Products:
  • Desert Foam® Green Dry Floral Foam Mug Plug
  • “Winter Snow” (foam shred, sold in small bags)
  • Several 8" – 10" long tree bark pieces (from outdoors)
  • 30" tall sparkling pine spray
  • Four 18" tall "ice chunk" branch stems
  • Burgundy berry stem
  • Four pine cone sprays with ice crystals
  • Artificial snow (optional)
  • Floral cutter
  • Glue gun and glue sticks


  1. Glue mug plug into bottom of jar.
  2. Plan and position tree bark pieces around jar, covering entire jar and allowing top edge to be irregular. Hot glue bark to jar.
  3. Insert pine spray into mug plug toward back of arrangement. Randomly place ice chunk branch stems into mug plug.
  4. Place berry stem into center front of arrangement. Tuck and glue pinecones into arrangement around berry stem.
  5. If desired, add to arrangement by placing artificial snow on table and sprinkling snow throughout branches and pine spray.

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