Dried Floral Arrangement

Skill Level: Intermediate

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  • FloraCraft® DryFōM®:
    • (1) 2.4" x 3.75" Mug Plug - Green 
  • FloraCraft® Silica Gel 
  • (2) Dried Hydrangea Blossoms 
  • (7) Dried Roses 
  • Dried Bundle of Lavender 
  • Dried Bear Grass 
  • 6” Glass Cylinder Vase 
  • Sand - White and Natural
  • Spray Paint - Purple


  • Low-Temp Glue Gun 
  • Floral Sheers 
  • Floral Tape 
  • 20 Gauge Wire (Optional) 


  1. Dry the flowers, leaves, and lavender in the silica gel as directed in the instruction sheet included. Re-attach the natural stems by gluing them in place and securing them with floral tape, or create wire stems and glue and floral tape them in place. 
  2. Glue the foam centered into the vase. Pour the sand around the foam in varying layers to create a unique design with the contrasting colors of sand. Leave the top of the foam uncovered for inserting the stems. 
  3. To get the deep purple color on the hydrangea, use the Design Master spray. Hold the can 12-14″ away and spray with light sweeping coats. Do not spray too heavily. Let the first coat dry before applying the next. Shake the blossoms slightly while spraying to move the petals around to get even coverage. Apply enough coats to get your desired shade. Let dry completely. 
  4. This is a slightly rounded, one-sided arrangement. This means all the florals are front-facing, and just greens and filler are used in the back. When inserting stems, be sure that all stems are angled towards the center, so all stems are radiating from a central point. Start by creating the height and width of the arrangement; this gives you perimeters and helps to keep the rounded shape. Insert a small bundle of lavender into the center of the foam standing about 8″ tall. Insert two more small bundles of lavender angling out about 2″ on either side of the arrangement. Insert small bundles of lavender to fill in between the lavender stems, and fan them out to create the rounded shape as shown. 
  5. Insert the two hydrangea blossoms as the focal flowers. Insert one hydrangea in the center front of the arrangement resting on the container’s rim. Place the next hydrangea behind the first one about 2″ higher and slightly to the left. 
  6. Insert a rose just above the hydrangea and in front of the lavender. Insert a cluster of three more roses to the right of the first rose. Insert a cluster of three roses to the left of the hydrangea as shown. 
  7. Divide the bear grass into two bunches. Bend each bunch into a loop and floral tape the ends together to hold them in place. Insert a loop of bear grass behind the hydrangea on the left and a loop to the right by the roses, as shown. 
  8. Use small clusters of lavender to fill in any space around the arrangement. Use any leftover greens and lavender to fill in the back of the arrangement. 


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