Entryway Pine Arrangement & Vase

Skill Level: Beginner

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  1. In a well-ventilated, newspaper covered area, apply ColorTex to outside of vase. Let dry. Apply two light coats October Brown ColorTool® and let dry. Depressing nozzle slightly, lightly mist random areas with Brilliant Gold. Let dry.
  2. Push foam brick down into vase. (Note: If foam brick does not fit tightly, remove brick and apply glue gun glue to bottom and replace, since brick needs to be secured inside.) One by one, place twigs in center of vase, inserting into foam brick to secure. Press each of three iced evergreen stems into vase and down into foam, around outside of sticks. Press one end of evergreen garland into vase and foam, allowing end to trail out onto table.
  3. Spend a little time arranging, trimming, separating or scrunching arrangement as needed. Trim sticks to stagger ends. Visualize the profile the arrangement makes, rotating it in various positions as you arrange.
  4. Hang three ornaments from stick twigs. Set vase on table runner that has been placed in loose folds. Set four ornaments in various places on and around runner.




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