Long Floral Table Centerpiece

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® FloraFōM®: 
    • 3” x 36” Rod - White 
  • (18-24) Silk Ranunculus or Similar Blossom- White 
  • (18-24) Silk Pom Flowers – White 
  • (12-18) Silk Hops 
  • (12-14) Silk Queen Anne’s Lace 
  • (18-20) Silk Filler Flower – Green 
  • (18-20) Silk Filler Flower - White 
  • Silk Dusty Miller 
  • Silk Mixed Leaf Greenery  


  • Low-Temp Glue Gun or Glue Pot 
  • Wire Cutters 


  1. Create a greenery collar around the perimeter of the rod at table level. This will keep the rod from tipping while you create the arrangement. Cut bunches of greenery about 6” long, leaving about a 1.5” stem to insert into the foam. Add a little glue to the ends of the stems before inserting them for a more secure hold. Start at the center of the rod and insert greens on each side to keep the rod from rolling.  Insert greens evenly spaced around the rod. 
  2. Cut the Ranunculus stems to about 6” and insert them evenly spaced around the top and sides of the rod. This is the focal flower of the arrangement. Reserve all the leaves from the stems to use as filler if needed. 
  3. Cut the Pom flower to about 8” and insert it into the rod evenly spaced around the Ranunculus but standing a little taller to give a little dimension. 
  4. Cut the Queen Annes Lace stems to about 1” and insert them evenly spaced around the rod. Reserve the leaves for filler if needed. Push the stems all the way into the rod; this will give more dimension and bring the white color deep into the arrangement. 
  5. Cut the hops into 6” – 8” bunches and insert them evenly spaced around the rod to add another texture. 
  6. Cut the white and green filler stems into 4” – 6” lengths and insert them into the rod to fill in and add pops of green color. 
  7. Insert bunches of dusty miller to add more texture and another shade of green. 
  8. Insert any remaining greenery or leaves to fill in any open areas as needed around the arrangement. 

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