Frog Flower Pot Holder

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft Straw Wreaths:
    • (3) 8" Straw Wreaths
  • 16” Straw Swag
  • FloraCraft Straw Bales: 
    • (3) 5” Straw Mini Bales
    • (10) 1” Straw Micro Bales
  • Frog Craft Eyes
  • Twine - Natural
  • 4” Double Point Wood Picks


  • Glue Gun


  1. To create the body of the frog, glue the three 8” wreaths stacked on top of one another.
  2. To create the back legs, hold the swag with the ends pointing up on the table, set the body onto the center of the swag with the back of the body flush with the back side of the swag, glue and pick in place you will have to hold together until it dries. Use the twine to tie the wreaths tightly to the swag for extra support.
  3. To add the back feet, turn the body upside down. Glue and pick a 5” bale on each side of the body angled out from the back legs and body (see photo). Glue and pick the back sides of the 5” bales to the back legs also for extra support.
  4. To create the front legs, turn the frog body right side up. Use two of the 1” bales and glue and pick them standing up centered under the front edge of the body about 3” apart. This will help support the wreaths in the front. Now for the feet, glue and pick a 1” bale to the front of these two bales lying down with the wires facing up (see photo). Now glue and pick 1” bales standing on top of the front feet and against the front of the body. Glue and pick 1” bales standing on top of these two, against the body for the top of the front legs. Use twine to tie the wreaths together on each side of the front legs for added support.
  5. To create the head, glue and pick a 5” bale lying down with wires facing front centered above the front legs. For the eyes, lay two 1” bales on top of the head centered about ½” apart, wires facing up. Glue the frog craft eyes to the fronts of the 1” bales.
  6. Place a small flower pot inside the body and set in the garden to greet your guests!

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