Lush White Hydrangea Wreath

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® CraftFōM®: 
    • 14” Beveled Wreath – White 
  • (14) Faux Hydrangea Blossoms – White 
  • (14) Faux Roses – White 
  • (20) Faux Small Flower Clusters (Filler) – White 
  • Flowering Dusty Miller (Filler) 
  • Variegated Greenery (Filler) – Green/White 


  • Low-Temp Glue Gun 
  • Wire Cutters 


  1. Cut the stems of the Hydrangea to about 2”.  Insert nine Hydrangeas evenly spaced around the outside of the wreath.  Add a little glue to the end of the stems before inserting for a more secure hold.  Insert five Hydrangeas around the inside edge of the wreath. 
  2. Cut the rose stems to about 2”.  Insert nine roses evenly spaced around the face of the wreath.  Use the remaining roses to fill in around the wreath as needed. 
  3. Cut the small white flower stems to about 2” and insert them filling in between the roses and Hydrangeas. 
  4. Cut apart the dusty miller and variegated greenery leaving about a 2” stem.  Use the evenly spaced greenery to fill in around the entire wreath as needed. 

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