Mom Memorial Wreath

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® FloraFōM®: 
    • 14" Wreath – White 
    • 1” Sheet – White
  • (18-24) Silk Roses – White 
  • (8-12) Silk Peonies – Pink 
  • (18-24) Silk Small Filler Flowers – Pink/Purple 
    • The sheet should be long enough to fit inside the wreath. Flower stem counts may vary based on the size of the wreath you choose. 


  • Clean-Kut® FōM Cutter or Small Hand Saw 
  • Low-Temp Glue Gun or Glue Pot 
  • Wire Cutters 
  • 18 Gauge Stem Wire 
  • Floral Tape 
  • Spray Paint – Gold 
  • Drop Cloth 
  • Disposable Gloves 


  1. If using a small hand saw to cut out the letters, pin the template to the foam and use a marker to trace the template onto the foam. Be sure to hold the blade at a 90-degree angle to the face of the foam to ensure you get a straight edge. Use a sawing motion, and let the teeth of the blade do the work. 
    • TIP:  If using the Clean-Kut® FōM Cutter, use thicker cardstock as a template. This allows you to run the foam cutter along the edge as a guide for a smooth even cut.  Pin your template securely to the foam.  Use short sequin pins to keep them from pushing through the other side of the foam.  When pinning be sure to pin straight down into the foam through the template.  If the pins are at an angle, you will run into them with the foam cutter and not have a clean straight edge. 
  2. Read the instructions included in the Clean-Kut® packaging before starting. Turn on the tool by twisting the black collar at the base of the blade and allow it to heat up. Pierce the blade straight into the foam next to the template edge.  Keep the blade at a 90-degree angle to the top of the foam while cutting.  Always keep the blade moving, as stopping the blade too long will burn the foam.  If you need to stop, pull the blade out while you stop and then reinsert it to continue cutting.  Don’t push too hard on the blade. If the blade is bending, you are pushing too hard.  Let the tool do the work using the edge of the cardstock template as a guide.  Use scrap pieces of foam as sanding blocks to smooth away any rough, uneven edges. 
  3. Cut a 1.5” wide piece of the 1” foam sheet long enough to fit across the inside of the wreath from side to side.  This is the base you will glue the letters to. Cut out your letters and glue them to the foam base. 
  4. Use acrylic paint or spray paint to color the letters. Use a flat brush to apply the acrylic paint to the foam. If two coats are needed, let one coat dry before applying the next. 
  5. If using spray paint, hold the can 12” – 14” away from the foam as you spray to prevent melting the foam. Apply light, even coats. Do not try to spray too heavily of a coat. Apply several light coats to get your desired shade, letting each coat dry before applying the next.  Spray from all angles to get good coverage on all sides.  Let dry completely.  Glue the letters into the center of the wreath. 
  6. Cut the roses from the stems, leaving about a 1.5” stem.  Reserve the leaves and remaining stem to use as filler later.  Add a little glue to the end of the stems before inserting them for added security.  Insert roses into the face of the wreath evenly spaced.  Insert roses evenly spaced around the outside of the wreath to bring the white color to the outside edge. 
  7. Cut the peonies from the stems, leaving about a 1.5” stem.  Reserve the leaves and remaining stem to use as filler if needed.  Insert peonies around the outside edge of the wreath centered between the roses.  Insert peonies evenly spaced around the inside edge of the wreath, as shown.   
  8. Cut bunches of pink/purple filler.  Insert the filler evenly spaced around the entire wreath. 
  9. Depending on the silk stem some leaves will slide on the main stem.  If they slide, push all the leaves from the rose stems and peony stems to the top of the stem and cut the stem to about 1.5”, creating a little greenery pick.  If the leaves on the stems do not slide, pull or clip the leaves from the main stem.  Use stem wire to tightly bundle the leaves at the top of each stem, creating a little greenery pick.  Use floral tape to secure the wire securely in place.  Insert the rose leaves around the wreath evenly spaced to fill in any open areas. 

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