Rainbow of Florals Hanging Arrangement

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® 4”x 36” and 2”x 24” FōM Rods - White 
  • (6) Faux Bushes Asparagus Fern 
  • (3) Bushes Faux Mixed Foliage – Green 
  • (3) Bushes Faux Palm Leaves – Green 
  • (3) Bushes Faux Foliage – Frosted Green 
  • (42) Faux Stems Peonies- Pale Pink, Peach or Cream 
  • (12) Faux Hydrangea - Bright Pink 
  • (12) Faux Hydrangea – Lavender 
  • (3) Bushes Faux Lavender 
  • (3) Bushes Faux Hops – Blue/Purple 
  • (4) Bundles Dried Sun Palm 
  • (2) Bundles Dried Palm Spears 
  • Pampas Grass – Bright Pink, Purple and Peach 
  • (5) Cans Spray Paint – Bright Pink, Bright Orange, Bright Yellow and Bright Blue, Bright Purple 


  • Wire Cutters 
  • Scissors  
  • Floral Paddle Wire 
  • Floral Pins 
  • Drop Cloth 
  • Disposable Gloves 


  1. The very back of the hanging rod is left bare to allow it to rest against the wall nicely.  Additional florals and greens will be needed if this is intended to be viewed from all sides. 
  2. In a well-ventilated area, lay down a drop cloth and wear disposable gloves for overspray.  Spray 14 peonies of bright orange, 14 bright blue, and 14 bright purple.  Hold the can 14” away from the blossom and use light coats to be sure the petals don’t stick together. Shake the blossom as you spray to expose overlapped petals. Allow some of the light color of the peony to show through.  Apply additional coats to get your desired look, letting each coat dry before applying the next. 
  3. Spray 2 bundles of the sun palm bright yellow and two bundles of bright blue, and let dry.  Spray the 2 bundles of palm spears bright pink and let dry. 
  4. Wrap several wraps of wire tightly around each end of the rod about 6” in from each end.  Create a loop with the wire at each end to create the hanger.  It’s best to hang the rod first before starting to arrange it.  Attach lengths of ribbon to hang. 
  5. Floral pin the asparagus fern to cover the rod.  Allow the fern to hang from below the rod and trail down from the right side. 
  6. If you are creating the centerpiece along with the hanging installation, you can work on the two pieces simultaneously.  Divide the rod into 5 sections.  Insert the greens at the center first.  Evenly, space the mixed greens, inserting some of them deeper to create depth.   
  7. Insert the orange and blue-painted peonies next to the greens.  Insert the peonies at different levels to create depth.  Insert the bright pink hydrangea at the left end and the bright purple painted peonies on the right end and mix in a few lavender hydrangeas for contrast. 
  8. Insert the yellow and blue sun palm among the orange and blue peonies for a fun texture.  
  9. To create the diagonal shape, insert the bright pink pampas grass angled up from the left end, and the purple pampas grass angled down from the right end of the rod.
  10. Insert the bright pink palm spears in among the bright pink pampas grass to reinforce the diagonal.  Insert stems of lavender among the purple pampas grass to fill in and reinforce the diagonal. 
  11. Insert the hops hanging down between the blue and purple to reinforce the diagonal and bring in the blue color. 
  12. Insert any remaining stems to fill in around the arrangements. 

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