Rustic Dried Floral Table Centerpiece

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® Aquatainer®
  • (2) FloraCraft® Desert DryFōM® Bricks 
  • (7) Branches Faux Fern - Mauve  
  • (3) Bundles Dried Pampas Grass – Natural 
  • (3) Bundles Dried Bunny Tails – Natural, Mauve, Cream 
  • (7) Dried Lotus Pods - Natural 
  • (2) Bunches Natural Ting Branches with Sola Flowers 
  • (2) Bundles Dried Rattail Stems - Natural 
  • (7) Stems Faux Grasses - Natural 


  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Anchor Tape


  1. Lay the 2 bricks end to end inside the container with the skinny edge up and wide side facing front. Secure the bricks into the container with the anchor tape. 
  2. Insert the faux fern to create the size and shape of the arrangement. Insert a stem into either end of the foam about 6”- 8” long to determine the length. Insert a stem into the top center of the foam about 4” long to determine the height. Insert a stem in the front and back center of the foam about 3” long to determine the width. Insert stems in between the center stem and the end stems gradually shortening the height to create an overall fan shape to the arrangement. Insert stems into the front and back of the foam in the same way, creating the rounded shape. Be sure to insert all stems at an angle towards the center of the arrangement like they are spokes on a wheel, all pointing towards the center. This keeps the overall shape uniform. Insert the remaining faux fern to conceal the edge of the container. 
  3. Cut lengths of pampas grass and insert into the foam evenly spaced following the shape of the arrangement in the same way the fern was inserted.  
  4. Bundle 5-7 bunny tails together and insert them into the foam together as a group. This makes a bigger impact and is easier for the eye to follow than individual stems. Insert bundles of natural, mauve and cream bunny tails following the shape of the arrangement. Insert some deeper into the foam to create depth. 
  5. Insert the lotus pods tucked into the arrangement evenly spaced for texture. 
  6. Insert branches of ting, dried rattail, and faux grasses to fill in and add texture throughout the arrangement. 

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