Snowman Sculpture

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® Foam:
    • Extruded Wreaths:
      • 12” - White
      • 14” - White
    • 8” Cube - White
  • (2) Frosted Mixed Pine Branches
  • Glittered Fruit:
    • Silver
    • White
  • Large Poinsettia Stem - Silver
  • Natural Branches - Painted White
  • (3) Wired Crystal Bead Stems
  • Ribbon:
    • Silver
    • White
  • Iridescent Glitter
  • Wood Picks


  • Low-Temp Glue Gun
  • Clear Spray Glue
  • Wire Cutters
  • Floral Pins
  • Scissors


  1. Glue a wood pick into the top center of the cube. Leave about 1.5” of the pick sticking out. Glue the 14” wreath onto the pick and the top of the cube. Glue another wood pick centered into the top of the 14” wreath. Do not push the pick thru the wreath. Cut the pick to about 1.5” and glue the 12” wreath onto the pick, securing it to the top of the 14” wreath as shown.
  2. Spray both wreaths and the cube with clear spray glue. Sprinkle to cover the entire project with iridescent glitter. Let Dry.
  3. To embellish the cube, glue lengths of ribbon around it as you would on a wrapped gift.
  4. Pin one pine branch draping across the front of the topiary where the two wreaths meet. Bend the branch to trail down the left-hand side of the 14” wreath. Pin the second pine branch draping from the top of the cube and down the front right side.
  5. Cut the stem of the poinsettia to about 2” and glue it into the top of the cube at the base of the wreath. Glue the glittered fruit around the poinsettia. Cut small pieces of white branches and glue them evenly spaced throughout the pine branches. Make a small bow and glue it to the topiary where the two wreaths meet. Glue the leaves from the poinsettia into the pine branch by the bow.
  6. Glue two of the crystal beaded stems hanging from the inside top of the 14” wreath.   Position the beads, so they are hanging and visible behind the pine branch.  Push the last beaded stem into the bottom center of the 12” wreath. Bend it to trail up the right side of the wreath.

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