Sweet Apple Topiary

Skill Level: Beginner

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  1. Select your container then glue the cube of STYROFOAM* into container. Bevel the edge of the cube using the serrated knife.
  2. Cut dowel to appropriate length and secure it into the cone and base of STYROFOAM* using low temp glue.
  3. Create your base flower arrangement first using focal, line and filler flowers. Reserve several stems of all flower types for inclusion in the spiral cone top.
  4. Pin a piece of yarn to cone top and wind it around the cone to create a spiral pattern. Adjust the spiral to your liking before gluing the first row of flowers, pods or leaves.
  5. Starting with a focal material (like mini-green apples), glue like materials next to each other from bottom to top, as shown. Create one row at a time, making sure each has a texture distinct from the row on either side.

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