Triple Wreath Door Decor

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • (3) 12" Straw Wreaths
  • 6' Mixed Fall Garland
  • Silk Berry Stems
  • Coordinating Wired Ribbon


  • Floral Pins
  • Craft Sticks or Wood Picks
  • Low-Temp Glue Gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutters


  1. Lay the wreaths side by side on a table.  Insert craft sticks or wood picks where the wreaths meet and glue together to secure with low-temp glue.
  2. Pin one end of the garland to the top of the top wreath.  Bend it down the left side, pinning it in place.  Bend the garland across the top of the middle wreath and down the right, pinning as you go.  Then bend it back across the top of the bottom wreath and down the left side pinning to secure at the bottom.
  3. Cut apart the stems of berries and glue them into the garland evenly spaced.
  4. Pin one end of the ribbon at the top of the wreath and wind it in and out of the garland, pinning as you go.

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