White Vase Faux Floral Arrangement

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® FloraFōM®:
    • 5" Ball - Green
  • 5” Container - White
  • (7) Garden Rose Stems - Cream
  • (5) Anemone Stems:
    • (3) Blush
    • (2) White 
  • (5) Small Succulents 
  • (3) Small Leafed Greenery Filler Stems 


  • Low-Temp Glue Gun 
  • Wire Cutters 
  • 6” Wired Wood Picks 
  • Floral Tape 


  1. Glue the foam ball into the container. 
  2. This is a round arrangement; it will be symmetrical on all sides.  All the stems should angle/radiate out from the center of the foam.  Cut the garden rose stems to about 4”.  Insert four of the stems evenly spaced around the rim of the container.  The blossoms should hang over the edge of the rim about 2”.  Insert the last three roses into the top center of the foam evenly spaced to create the top of the round-shaped arrangement.  For a more secure hold, add glue to the stems before inserting them into the foam. 
  3. Cut the anemone stems to 4” and insert the two blush stems between the roses on opposite sides of the arrangement.  Insert the two white stems opposite the blush stems in between the other roses.  Insert the last blush stem in the top center of the arrangement. 
  4. Some faux succulent stems are quite short.  To create a longer stem, lay the wood pick next to the stem and wrap the wire from the pick around and around to secure the stem to the pick.  Use floral tape to secure the wire in place.  Be sure to stretch the floral tape as you wrap to activate the adhesive.  Floral tape sticks to itself, so be sure to overlap each wrap to hold securely.  Cut the stems to 4”.  Insert four of the stems next to the garden roses around the rim of the container.  Insert the last succulent at the top of the arrangement. 
  5. Cut apart the greenery stems and insert them to fill in any space around the entire arrangement. 

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