Wintry Arrangement

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® FloraFōM®:
    • (1) 4” Ball -- Green
  • Pine Branches - Silver Glitter
  • Birch Branches - Silver Glitter
  • Mini Snowball Branches - White
  • Filler Flowers - Silver Glitter
  • Pom Pom Snowball Stems - White
  • (3) 4” Snowflake Stems - Clear Acrylic
  • Ribbon:
    • Silver Sheer
    • White Sheer 
  • 8” Vase w/ 4” Opening - White
  • Vase Filler: Stones, Gravel or Sand 


  • Low Temp Glue Gun


  1. Fill the vase partway with gravel or sand this adds weight to the base preventing the arrangement from being top-heavy.  Glue the 4” ball into the top of the vase this is what you will arrange the stems into; if you do not wish to glue to the vase you can use a white florist’s clay tape so it can be removed later.
  2. First insert the three snowflakes, one top center and one on each side of the ball angling out.  Next insert the pom pom snowball stems around the snowflakes.
  3. Fill in around the entire arrangement using the silver glittered branches, the silver filler flowers, and the mini snowball branches, evenly spacing the different types of branches through the arrangement.
  4. Tie a single bow from the ribbon with long tails and pin it to the ball in front of the center snowflake, letting the tails hang down on either side.

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