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Book Report Diorama

(Optional: To create “barn board” look inside Diorama, horizontal or vertical grooves can be made. Hold side panels up against back panels to see that they will run vertically – sides will overlap top and bottom of Diorama. Then decide which way you want the grooves to run on inside back and side panels.) Place […]

Bug Diorama

For outside of Diorama, on newspaper-covered work surface, paint one side and all edges of Diorama sheets spring green. Let dry. For inside of Diorama, turn over pieces and paint sky blue. Let dry. Refer to package instructions to assemble Diorama using tacky glue and toothpicks. To create grassy mounds, position one stone about 1/2″ […]

Crashed Witch

Press the edges of the disc firmly on the table to flatten and taper them.  Glue one 12” cone to the center of the disc for the hat.  Cover the hat completely with black tape.  Glue a small piece of orange craft fur under the back edge of the hat for hair.  Pin lengths of […]

Decorative Leaf Cones

Attach leaves to each cone securing with low-temp glue.  Overlap each leaf slightly to cover the cone completely.  For tailored appearance, glue the leaf completely flat onto the cone.  For more dimension and texture, glue just the centers of the leaves to the cones leaving the edges of each leaf loose.  Another variation is to […]

Seeds & Such Decor

To create the small, “seeds and such” décor balls; Apply low-temp glue to the 1 ½” ball, working on a small section at a time, then roll in the material of your choice to completely cover.  Repeat using 2” and 2 ½” balls.  If there are any bare spots showing simply add more glue and […]