Bandana Flag Wreath

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® CraftFōM®:
    • Extruded Wreaths:
      • 10" - White
      • 14" - White
  • Bandana Print Fabric:
    • 1 yd - Red
    • 2/3 yd - Blue
    • 1/2 yd - White


  • Foam Cutter
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Large Paper Clip


  1. Use Foam Cutter to trim just enough foam inside the larger ring for the smaller ring to snuggly fit. (This combined unit is now called “wreath.”)
  2. Instead of cutting fabric, tear off selvage (finished edge) by making a small snip with scissors and tearing it off. Repeat on the other selvage edge. Then tear 3″ wide strips of fabric in the following lengths: Red – Three 45″ and seven 24″ lengths; Blue – One 45″ and seven 24″ lengths; White – Six 24″ lengths.
  3. Set aside all 24″ lengths. The 45″ lengths will cover the wreath with a flat first layer. Start with a blue 45″ length and hot glue one end to the back of the wreath. Then wrap around the wreath, going through the middle and back around. Continue wrapping, slightly overlapping the previous wrap without allowing any foam to show until a fourth of the wreath is covered. Secure fabric end with glue on the back.
  4. Repeat the wrapping process with three red 45″ lengths until the remaining three-fourths of the wreath is covered.
  5. Create dimension by wrapping, tying, and knotting, one at a time, seven blue 24″ lengths around the blue-covered area of the wreath. Allow strips to overlap on the inside and be about an inch apart on the outside of the wreath. (Note: Keep tails about the same length and allow frayed threads to add character to the wreath.)
  6. Similarly, wrap, tie and knot seven red and six white 24″ lengths around a red-covered area of the wreath, alternating colors.
  7. To hang, make a small cut with scissors on the top back of the wreath, closer to the inside edge. Separate curved ends of paper clip 1/2″. Insert the shorter end of the clip through the slit into a wreath, allowing the end of the clip to extend out for the hanger loop. Secure with hot glue.

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