Teacher Gift Mug

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft CraftFōM Mug Plug 2-5/8" X 3-3/4"-Green 
  • Multi-Color Ceramic 18-ounce Mug 
  • Wood Dowels, 50-Pack 
  • Rubber Bands (Assorted Sizes), 2 oz. Bag, Red, Blue, Yellow 
  • Small Hardcover Journal,160 Pages, 3.63" x 5.63" 
  • Highlighters, fluorescent colors, 5-pack 
  • Sticky Notes 1.5x2 Assorted Color, (400 Sheets/Pack), 1-Pack 
  • Pens - Retro Colors, Set of 6 
  • Blue Paper Gift Wrap Tissues 15x20 Inch 


  • Scissors  


  1. Place the CraftFōM mug plug inside the mug.  Rubber band three highlighter pens together tightly.  Rubber band three of the sticky note pads around the bottom of three highlighter pens.  Cut a wood dowel in half and insert a half dowel part way into the front center of the CraftFōM mug plug insert.  Slide the bundled highlighters and sticky notes over the dowel to secure them upright. 
  2. Rubber band two 6” dowels to the back of the journal, place the journal just behind the highlighters, and push the dowels into the CraftFōM mug plug to secure the journal upright.  Rubberband the last two highlighters and the sticky notepad together and secure it with a dowel just behind the journal to help hold it in place. 
  3. Rubber band two bundles of three flair pens together and insert them with dowels angled out to either side of the front highlighter pens. 
  4. Cut 10-12″ squares of tissue paper.  Pinch each square in the center and fold all the edges up, creating a tuft of tissue paper.  Tuck the center of each tuft into the space between the CraftFōM mug plug insert and the cup.  Tuck the tufts in around the lip of the mug evenly spaced. 

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