St. Patrick’s Day Decor

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® CraftFōM®: 
    • (2) 1” x 12” x 36” Sheets – White 
    • (3) 1”x 6” Discs - White 
  • Acrylic Paint:
    • Dark Green
    • Light Green 
  • 1” and ½” Ribbons or Trims – Coordinating Colors 
  • Felt – Green (to cover hat shape) 
  • Foil – Gold 
  • Easter Grass - Green 


  • Clean-Kut® FōM Cutter  
  • Posterboard (for templates) 
  • Scissors 
  • Small Sequin Pins 
  • Low-Temp Glue Gun 
  • Paint Brushes 
  • Drop Cloth 
  • Wood Skewers 


  1. Find shapes online and print them out or hand draw the shapes you would like to use.  Cut the shapes out of the poster board to use as a template.  Pin the poster board templates to the foam sheets. 
    • TIP:  Using the thicker cardstock as a template allows you to run the foam cutter along the edge as a guide for a smooth, even cut.  Pin your template securely to the foam.  Use short sequin pins to keep them from pushing through the other side of the foam.  When pinning, be sure to pin straight down into the foam through the template.  If the pins are at an angle, you will run into them with the foam cutter and not have a clean straight edge. 
  2. Read the instructions included in the Clean-Kut® packaging before starting. Turn on the tool by twisting the black collar at the base of the blade and allow it to heat up. Pierce the blade straight into the foam next to the template edge.  Keep the blade at a 90-degree angle to the top of the foam while cutting.  Always keep the blade moving, as stopping the blade too long will burn the foam.  If you need to stop, pull the blade out while you stop and then reinsert it to continue cutting.  Don’t push too hard on the blade; if the blade is bending, you are pushing too hard.  Let the tool do the work using the edge of the cardstock template as a guide.   
  3. Cover your work surface with the drop cloth and paint the shapes green or use the felt to cover the shape.  Cut the felt slightly bigger than the shape and then glue it to secure it to the shape.  Use ribbon or trims to cover the edges.  Glue ribbon or trim accents to the shapes. 
  4. Glue wood skewers into the shapes and stick the shapes into the discs as desired.  Glue Easter grass to cover the discs. 
  5. Cut circles of poster board for the gold coins and cover them with gold foil.  Glue the coins into the Easter grass. 

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