Decor Wall

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® FloraFōM® - (15) 12" x 12" x 1" Block Green 
  • (18) 12" x 12" Glitter Scrapbook Papers Black 
  • (10) 7’ Lengths of 5/16" Paracord Black 
  • (6) Faux Protea Stems White 
  • (18) Faux Ranunculus Stems Peach 
  • (9) Faux Whisteria Stems White 
  • (9) Faux Plumosa/Asparagus Fern Stems  
  • Floral Moss Green
  • Wood Picks/Skewers 


  • Low-Temp Glue Gun 
  • Scissors 
  • Craft Spray Adhesive 
  • T-Pins 
  • Newspaper or Drop Cloth 
  • Floral Pins 
  • 2" Wood Screws 
  • Screwdriver 


  1. Lay out the drop cloth and use the spray adhesive to secure the glitter papers to the foam squares. Cut 1″ strips of paper to cover the sides of the foam. 
  2. The wall is built in five columns and then hung together, side by side, to create the full wall.  This makes it easier to transport and store.  The first column is three squares, and a glitter square is laid on the table, followed by a green raw foam square for a spacer, a glitter square, a green square spacer, and then the last glitter square for that column.  Make sure they are snug together and straight in a line.  Tie a knot at the end of two pieces of paracord.  With the knot at the bottom, T-Pin the paracord to the glitter squares along the edge of the column.  Do not pin to the green squares, as you will pull them out once all the glitter squares are pinned.  Pin the second paracord to the opposite side of the column.  Pull out the green spacer squares.  Repeat this procedure to create three of the three square columns and two of the two square columns.  For a more secure hold, add a dot of glue before pinning. 
  3. Hang the five columns so that they line up correctly.  T-Pin through the paracord into the adjacent squares to hold them together.  
  4. Cut the two green squares in half.  Use three to create the pops of florals for the wall.  Secure the two proteas to the center of each green half-square, one standing upright and one facing forward. Secure the stems of ranunculus and Wysteria to fill in around the proteas.  Insert stems of the fern cascading from the sides of the arrangement. Floral pin the moss to conceal any exposed foam. 
  5. The squares must be secured to the wall to hold the florals’ weight.  Screw through the front of the square and into the wall being careful not to go through the foam.  Use the glue gun and wood picks to secure the florals onto the tops of the squares as desired, depending on your event. 

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