Burlap Ribbon Pumpkin

Skill Level: Beginner

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  1. Use foam cutter to remove approx. 4 1/2″ diameter circle off top and bottom of Foam Ball. On top and on bottom, use spoon to scoop out area, going about 2″ deep. Use Foam Cutter to smooth any edges so that foam goes smoothly from outside into bowl-like area. On top, only, inside center of bowl area, carve out about a 1 3/4″ diameter, 1″ deep hole (for stem). (Note: Hole should be slightly larger than stick diameter, since burlap will go over edge of hole to conceal ribbon ends.)
  2. Cut eleven 12″ lengths of 2 1/2″ wide Wired Burlap Ribbon.
  3. To cover Ball, glue end of one length ribbon to top, barely going over into hole near center in bowl area of pumpkin. Bring ribbon down to bottom center and hot glue other end so that ribbon is secure against Foam Ball. (Trim end if needed. Also, no glue should be needed on the middle areas of the ribbon lengths – just on the ends at top and bottom centers.)
  4. Similarly, attach next length, overlapping most of first length, at top, but only overlapping about 1/2″ of that length at the side, then back to overlapping most of it again at bottom center. Repeat with each length, working your way around until you reach the beginning again. Before adding the last length, tuck it under the first length so that overlapping pattern is consistent. (Note: You may need to do a little gathering or folding at top and bottom to follow the Ball’s curve. Trim ends as needed as you go so that overlapping ribbon doesn’t get too bulky for the stick to go into the top hole and for the pumpkin to set flat on the bottom.)
  5. To antique, dab corner of paper towel onto chalking ink pad and then rub along edge of each length ribbon carefully to darken. (Note: Start out applying very lightly so as not to get too dark since it can’t easily be lightened.) Refer to photo to add chalking ink to a few random places on pumpkin, on ribbon areas other than just along edges.
  6. For stem, trim stick to desired length and insert into hole in foam. (Note: glue cut end and leave top end as natural as possible.) Hot glue to hold. Hot glue stem of one leaf against base of pumpkin stem. Scatter other leaves around base of pumpkin.



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