Cone Christmas Characters

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® CraftFōM®:
    • (3) 6” Cones - White
    • (3) 1.5” Balls - White
  • Felt: Green, White, Red, Tan, Light Pink, Black and Orange
  • Chenille Stems: Black, Brown and Silver
  • Small Beads: Black
  • Small Buttons: Black
  • Small Twigs
  • Acrylic Paint: White
  • Small Pompom: White
  • Toothpicks


  • Low-Temp Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Paint Brush
  • Craft Knife


  1. Paint two small twigs white for the snowman’s arms and set aside to dry.
  2. Cut pieces of green, red and white felt to cover the three cones. Cut a 3” circle from the white, pink and tan felt to cover the heads. Cut two 2”x 3” pieces from the green and two 3” x 3” pieces from the red felt for the arms.
  3. Wrap felt around the cones and trim as needed for a perfect fit. Glue the felt in place. Wrap the three balls tightly with the felt circles. Pull and stretch the felt gathering it all to one spot on the ball. Trim excess felt away with scissors and glue to secure.
  4. Lay 4” black chenille stems in the center of the small felt pieces and glue the ends together to form sleeves. Glue white felt trim to the red and green cones and sleeves as shown.
  5. To create Santa’s beard, cut a 2” x 3” triangle from white felt. Glue it around the front of Santa’s head, about halfway up. Cut a tiny mustache shape and glue it to the beard as shown. Cut a small oval of white felt to cover the back of Santa’s head. For the reindeer, cut two ¾” ovals from the tan felt and glue in place for the reindeer ears.
  6. To insert the chenille stems for the arms and antlers, you will need to pilot a hole through the felt with a craft knife. Cut a small slit in the felt and glue the chenille stem or and twig arms into the foam. Twist a small piece of brown chenille stem onto the tip of a 3” piece of chenille stem for the antlers. Insert the antlers into the top of the reindeer head.
  7. Glue small beads in place for eyes on all and for the nose on the reindeer. Cut a small triangle of orange felt for the snowman’s nose and glue in place. Cut 14” strips of red felt for the scarves, adding small slits in the ends for fringe. Tie around the neck of the snowman and reindeer.
  8. To create the snowman’s hat, cut a 1.5” circle, a 1” circle and a 2.5” x 1” rectangle from black felt. Glue the ends of the rectangle into a ring and glue the ring to the top of the 1.5” circle. Glue the 1” circle on top of the ring. Glue the hat onto the snowman’s head and the buttons in place as shown.
  9. To create Santa’s hat, cut a 4” triangle from the red felt and glue into a cone shape. Glue hat to Santa’s head. Glue a white pompom to the tip to finish. Cut thin strips of white felt to trim Santa’s coat and hat. Cut a thin black felt strip for Santa’s belt and trim with a silver chenille stem shaped into a buckle.

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