Fabric & Burlap Americana Decor

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® CraftFōM®:
    • Stars, two 6" and one 9" diameter
    • Balls, three 3" diameter
  • 5" x 6" Metal Bucket
  • Coordinating Cotton Fabric:
    • 1/3 yds Nacy with White Stars
    • 1/8 yds Red with White Stars
    • 1/8 yds Blue and Red Plaid
    • 1/8 yds Red Gingham
  • 5" x 4 yds Burlap Garland - Natural 
  • 2 1/4 yds Twine - Natural


  • Floral Shears
  • Permanent Fine Tip Marker - Black
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks


  1. To cover foam stars with navy fabric, use a marker to lightly trace around the star on the back side of the fabric. Use floral shears to cut out 1/4″ outside marker line. Apply glue stick to star and center on the wrong side of fabric star. Clip corners, pull up, and glue each 1/4″ wide fabric edge onto the star. At each point, fold the fabric point toward the inside and glue. Then fold up and glue the 1/4″ edges to the sides. Trim as needed.
  2.  Again, trace the star on navy fabric. Cut out 1″ outside marker line. Apply glue stick to the star and center on the wrong side of the fabric star. Before securing edges, clip corners, and glue points as in
  3. Step 1. Cut and glue 1/2″ squares of fabric to cover inside corners where the fabric was clipped. Then, fold down and glue 1″ edges to the sides of the star, overlapping the 1/4″ edges.
  4.  Cut one 16″ and one 18″ length burlap garland. Cut each in half, lengthwise. Trim off and discard finished edges. Refer to the photo to wrap small stars with 16″ lengths, trimming ends and spot gluing to hold. Wrap the large star with one of the 18″ lengths and use the other as a tail that trails off the star. (Tuck the end under one of the burlap wraps on the back and glue.)
  5.  Cut two 24″ and one 36″ length twine. Wrap a 24″ length around each small ball and a 36″ length around the large star, going in various directions, as shown. Knot on front sides and trim ends as desired.
  6.  Snip and tear three 1″ x 36″ lengths of each of the three remaining fabrics. (Note: Tear across fabric, width-wise, to get the 36″ length.) For each ball, spot glue one end of the first length to a ball. Then wrap length all-around ball, going every which-way with the wraps. Continue wrapping with the other two lengths until the ball is completely covered.
  7.  Arrange the remaining burlap garland into folds in a bucket and place one small star and two balls into the burlap folds. Set other pieces next to the bucket as shown.

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