Filigree Christmas Ornaments

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • Two: ½ x 12 x 36” White foam Sheet
  • 4” foam Balls (makes 2 stands)
  • Twinklets Diamond Dust
  • 2mm Silver Decorative Wire
  • White Tacky Glue
  • Paint Brush
  • Paint Brush (for applying glue)
  • Poster Board
  • Scissors
  • Small Sequin Pins
  • Fishline or Ribbon (to hang ornaments)
  • Download the Filigree Christmas Ornaments pattern


  1. To create the ornaments; enlarge the ornament patterns to the size you would like to use. Trace the patterns onto the poster board and cut out.
  2. Pin the paper patterns onto the foam sheet and follow the instructions on the STYROCUTTER® plus packaging to carefully cut out the patterns.
  3. Brush each of the ornaments with an even layer of tacky glue, and sprinkle with Diamond Dust. For a heavier application pour the Diamond Dust into a container and press the ornaments into it.
  4. To create the ornament stands; cut the ball in half, brush the top rounded side with glue and sprinkle with Diamond Dust. Cut a piece of wire long enough to push all the way into the stand and bend up into a hook allowing enough room for the ornament to hang freely. (see photo) Hang the ornaments from fishline or ribbon, or simply thread a ribbon through the top of each ornament and hang from the tree or in a window.

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