Hollow Star Cut-Out Cones

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® Foam:
  • Cones: Assorted Sizes
  • Acrylic Paint: Bright Gold, Antique Gold, Copper and Black
  • Decorative Wire
  • Battery Operated Light (Optional)



  1. Use the knife to cut the cone exactly in half lengthwise.  Place a rubber band around the cone from top to bottom dividing the cone in half.  Use the rubber band as a guide to follow as you cut.
  2. Use the spoon to carefully scrape out the inside of all the half cones.  Keep scraping out the inside until the hollow cone shell has a uniform thickness of about ½”.
  3. Create templates by drawing stars onto the cardstock paper or print star templates from the internet.  Cut out a 3” star, a 2” star, a 1.5” star and a 1” star from the cardstock.  Pin the stars in a random pattern onto the front half of the cone.  Keep the stars at least ½” away from the edge of the cone and at least ½” apart.
  4. Use the StyroCutter® Plus to carefully cut out the stars, following the package instructions carefully.  Set aside the cut out stars to use inside the cone.
  5. Paint the inside of the front half and the inside edges of the star cut outs black and let dry.  Paint the inside of the back half of the cone copper and let dry.  Paint the cut out stars bright gold and let dry.  Paint the outside of the cone your desired color.
  6. Glue the painted cut out stars inside the back half of the cone.  Place the stars so that when the front half of the cone is in place you can see the stars through the cut outs.
  7. Glue the front back onto the back of the cones.
  8. Bend the wire into a star shape and glue the star to the top of the cone.
  9. (optional) Place a battery operated light under the cones to add a glowing accent.








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