Lemonade Wreath

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam (white):
  • Wreath,  9" x 1 1/4" x 3/4"
  • Balls, four 3" diameter
  • Woodsies® wood pieces, teardrop shape, sixty 1" length (size small)
  • Grosgrain ribbon, 1 1/2" wide:
  • 33" length of white and 16" length of yellow with white dots
  • DecoArt® Americana® Acrylic Paint. Cadmium Yellow
  • Cutting mat (or stack of newspapers)
  • Twist-ties or short lengths of wire, two (to bind bows)
  • Contact® paper, 12" length, any color/pattern (optional)
  • Cardboard, same size as contact paper (optional)
  • Paperclip, large


  • Transparent tape, medium paintbrush, serrated knife, scissors, container of water,
  • paper plate, paper towels, white craft glue, and glue gun & glue sticks


  1. For lemon slice, place one Foam Ball on cutting mat and use serrated knife to cut in half. (Tip: Roll the ball as you press the knife blade into the ball, watching that it is creating two equal halves. When you reach the beginning, saw back and forth to finish cutting.) With one half, cut off a 1/2″ slice. Set aside the rounded part for another project or discard. Repeat with other half of Foam Ball. Then, repeat with other three Foam Balls.
  2. To smooth and round edges, press Foam edge down onto table with even pressure. Roll slice all around to smooth. Repeat with other edge. Then repeat with the side, positioned at an angle on table to keep the angled look. Repeat with other seven slices.
  3. Position slices with smaller, flat surface up (so that sides show.) Squeeze yellow paint onto paper plate. Use paintbrush to add a bit of water to thin and stir. Paint sides and backs of slices (but not front). Also paint Foam Wreath. Let dry.
  4. Also paint wood teardrops yellow. (Optional: To hold teardrops while painting, remove backing from Contact® paper and place onto cardboard, with sticky side UP. Use tape in a couple places along each edge, wrapping around to back of cardboard to hold. Set teardrops onto sticky surface, an inch or so apart and paint. You don’t have to be careful in painting. Let dry and then remove from Contact® paper.)
  5. Use white craft glue to attach seven wood teardrops to the front (unpainted surface) of each slice. (Tip: Hold eraser end of pencil in center and have points of teardrops radiate out.) Let dry.
  6. Evenly position all slices onto wreath. Then, glue with glue gun.
  7. Cut 3″ from white ribbon and set aside. To make white bow, place 30″ length ribbon horizontally on table. Bring in both ends, overlap in middle, making an X. Grasp the middle and bind with twist tie. Diagonally cut tails. Similarly, make bow with yellow ribbon, cutting V-notches in tails. To cover bound center, fold 3″ white ribbon into thirds, lengthwise, and hot glue to hold. Wrap around center, trim and glue ends so they just meet on back of bow. Then, glue yellow ribbon to center of white one and glue to bottom left of wreath as shown.
  8. For hanger on back, slightly separate ends of large paper clip, approx. 1/4″. On top back of wreath, insert shorter end up into bottom edge of wreath, creating a hanger loop with the longer end. (Hot glue if loose.)

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